Below are a few software packages I have written ranging from general purpose programming libraries to specific computer vision and machine learning research projects. There are also several utility programs for image processing and a few experimental frameworks focused on statistical inference. Most of the packages are covered by a Creative Commons license and are free to use.

C library of utility modules for image processing, mathematical computation, and base programming abstractions, including options and error handling.

C++ library of utility namespaces and classes for computer graphics and base programming abstractions, such as I/O and exception handling.

M4 macro library for build systems managed by GNU autotools.

Learns 3-D models of object structure from single-view images.

Fits connected ellipsoids and cylinders to the structure of microscopic fungus in a 3-D stack of images.

Predicts Y-chromosome haplogroup with discriminative and generative models trained on STR data.

Renders 3-D object models as stereoscopic images using two different colors.

Finds entries in a bibtex file based on keywords, author, title, and other common fields.

Fits a polynomial to a set of points using linear regression and RANSAC.

Stochastically generates points from Muller's potential using a suite of sampling algorithms.

Identifies edges in an image using a gradient-based, Canny detection algorithm.

Detects and visualizes 3-D surface points from a stack of images representing optical sections of an object.

Displays a 3-D stack of images from three orthogonal views.