Create your own fungus...

Recursion level This is the number of steps to use to grow the fungus;
13-35 recommended
Branching probability
Branch with probability:Go straight with probability:
Example: Branch: 0.3, Go straight: 0.7
Spore probability
Spore with probability:Continue conidiophore:
Once we get a branch, how often should be spore
Rotate about x
"#" of options:
RuleProbability (0 - 1.0)
Rotation about x in degrees, example::
Rule: +(10) Probability: 0.3
Rotate about y
"#" of options:
RuleProbability (0 - 1.0)
Rotate about y in degrees, example::
Rule: &(10) Probability: 0.3
Trunk Segment Length
"#" options:
Trunk base Yes, make longer hyphae base Would you like a longer hyphae base?
Axiom The basic rule
Axiom 2 (a - rot around x)(d: rot around z)(s: straight)(p: spore)(r: branch)(recurse)
Basic Angle 1-360; in case angle not explicitly specified
Random Seed change this to get different probabilities for the values of the parameters;
272344 and 272349 are ok;